It's The Blade
Made In The USA
It's The Blade

A “Must-Have” For Every Professional Welder and Metal Fabricator’s tool box.

The Scrape-N-Burr Industrial Welding Scraper represents one of the most innovative products the welding industry has seen since the chipping hammer was introduced back in the early 1900’s.

The Scrape-N-Burr can be used for spatter removal, edge de-burring, slag chipping, dross removal from flame or plasma cut parts, cleaning weld fixtures and cast platens (without grinding!), reaming weld nozzles…and many more cleaning applications.

It’s the blade.

The Scrape-N-Burr’s proprietary formulated steel blade has 2 extremely hard working edges that have been specifically designed to perform cleaning operations in the harsh world of metal fabrication. Unlike grinding, the Scrape-N-Burr will not remove or gouge parent metal when used for material cleanup.

With 1-½”, 3” and 4-½” size blades, and 1/4 “ shank steel cleaning brushes to choose from, Scrape-N-Burr can be configured to suit your needs for any project.

Most efficient cleaning tool

No more wasting time with tools that were simply not designed for this task. Scrape-N-Burr industrial scraper gets the job done fast with minimal of effort.

Scrape-N-Burr comes with a full 10 Year Limited Warranty. Give the Scrape-N-Burr a try; you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!