Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Scrape-N-Burr be used on stainless steel?

DuaLast blades are manufactured from a high carbon content alloy that can/may contaminate stainless steel with carbon. Therefore, DuaLast blades are not recommended for use on any stainless steel application that carbon migration cannot be tolerated.

Can I buy the Scrape-N-Burr locally?

Yes. The Scrape-N-Burr is available in the US, Canada, and worldwide through many welding products distributors. Please see our "Distributor Locations" page to locate a distributor nearest you. If your preferred distributor is not listed, please have them contact us about becoming a distributor of the Scrape-N-Burr product.

What material are the DuaLast blades made from?

DuaLast blades are manufactured from a proprietary, high strength tool steel. The blades are then hardened all the way through (not just case hardened), by a proprietary hardening process that has been tested and developed for over ten years. The development and testing of this material/process have provided the toughest, most durable and only dual-edged blade on the market.

What is the reason the blades are called DuaLast?

The design of the DuaLast blade provides two sharp 90-degree working edges or twice as many working edges as other scrapers that are sharpened to a pointed edge, such as a commonly used chisel. The 90-degree edges also provide a tool that does not scratch or mar the parent material being cleaned, again, a tool such as a chisel. The inherent design, high strength alloy, and hardening process provide a blade that will last many times longer than any other tool on the market today.

Can I sharpen the blade?

Yes. The DuaLast blade was designed to be ‘refreshed’(sharpened), quickly, easily and without any special tools or operator skills. Every Scrape-N-Burr tool comes with instructions on how to put fresh edges on the blade. It is very important to follow the instructions to insure the through hardening process of the blade. Incorrect refreshing methods can cause the blade to dull easier or become brittle, resulting in blade chipping or cracking.

How long does the Scrape-N-Burr DuaLast blade last?

This is a difficult question to answer since there are many variables that determine how long the blade will last such as, the hardness of the steel it is used on, what application it is being used for, how often and how long it is actually used during the workday, etc. Tests have shown that the Scrape-N-Burr DuaLast blade holds an edge and typically lasts at least 20 to 30 times longer than any other scraper available on the market today.

Do all of the Scrape-N-Burr DuaLast blades fit the same handle?

Yes. Any of the Scrape-N-Burr blades, (all Flat blades and Curved blades) fit the same handle. It may be more convenient to own more than one handle if there is a need to change Flat blade widths or Curved blade sizes often.

Can the Scrape-N-Burr be used as a pry bar?

NO! The Scrape-N-Burr handle and blade are designed to take force from the back to the front of the blade. While the Scrape-N-Burr DuaLast blade is formulated of high strength steel, it will crack if used as a pry bar.

What is the purpose of the hole with set screw on the side of the tool?

The accessory hole is used to attach any 1/4" shank brush or another accessory that the user may want to attach to Scrape-N-Burr for a specific job. While attaching a brush is the most common application, many users attach a 1/4" diameter 2-3" long sharpened rod for chipping away slag when stick welding. Your imagination is the only limitation!