Multi-Fab Blade Fabricating Hand Tool – Scrape-N-Burr

The invention of the Scrape-N-Burr was predicated by a lack of a dedicated welding hand tool for removing slag, dross, and more. While many people in the industry use “homemade” tools such as old screwdrivers and paint scrapers, the Scrape-N-Burr Multi-Fab Blade is a durable all-in-one scraper that incorporates a flat working surface as well as a metal tube/pipe fabricating hand tool.

The Multi-Fab Blade can be used on all flat surfaces and in addition, can be used as a extremely efficient tool for deburring tubes, pipes, and radius pieces of fabricated metal. These industrial pipe cleaning variations include the SNB-T075 Scrape-N-Burr handle with 0.75″ O.D. Multi-Fab blade, the SNB-T100 Scrape-N-Burr handle with 1.00″ O.D. Multi-Fab blade, and more.

We also carry Scrape-N-Burr replacement blades and accessories.