Scrape-N-Burr Accessories

The Scrape-N-Burr is even more versatile when used in conjunction with our selection of Scrape-N-Burr accessories and attachments. Our stainless and carbon steel bristle brushes allow for easy weld finishing after you’re finished deburring the metal and scraping away all the dross, slag, and so on. Each attachment is easily fastened to the Scrape-N-Burr’s handle with a hex key.

Our selection of Scrape-N-Burr accessories includes:

  • BRS-SS141278    1/4″ Shank 1/2″ Stainless Steel 7/8″ Bristle Brush
  • BRS-CS141278    1/4″ Shank 1/2″ Carbon Steel 7/8″ Bristle Brush
  • BRS-CS143478   1/4″ Shank 3/4″ Carbon Steel 7/8″ Bristle Brush
  • SNB-HDL-20      20″ Long Scrape-N-Burr Handle
  • SNB-HDL-36      36″ Long Scrape-N-Burr Handle
  • Replacement Hex Key

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