About Us

Hello my name is Mark Satka, thank you for taking the time to find out “about us”.

My background is primarily in robotic welding as an employee of Miller Electric Technical Sales, ABB Robotics and 12-year owner of WeldSource Alliance (a welding job shop). I have had plenty of time under a weld hood and tremendous exposure to all types of weld shops around the world, from small job shops to international manufacturers. Despite best efforts, a common problem is bound to happen: BB’s, spatter, splatter, dingle berries the names go on (some would not be appropriate to mention here)! All who have spent time around welding know what these words mean, the dreaded extra work of cleanup. Let’s face it, welding is very hard demanding work and when the job is complete, we want our welds to show we take pride in our work.

During my travels I learned that there was not a hand tool specifically made to handle the tough environment of metal fabrication, this realization is what led to the path of developing the Scrape-N-Burr line of tools (Scrape-N-Burr = Scraping and deburring). I am the inventor, designer and the driving force of this tool since its conception in 2001. There are many benefits built into the Scrape-N-Burr which I will not go into detail here, please see our Home page for more info. Scrape-N-Burr Tools is a small business located in northern Wisconsin where we take pride in the fact that a quality tool that is made in small town USA is sold around the world.

In closing, there are plenty of “unique” tools that welders use for weld clean up like; old screw drivers, sharpened files, chisels, paint scrapers, putty knives, pieces of car leaf springs welded to a handle (for that matter anything welded to a handle!) etc. Sooner or later you have to ask yourself “Is there something better I could be using?” Remember, Before the hammer there was a rock.

By the way, the Scrape-N-Burr is also fantastic on removing dross from plasma, oxy-fuel or laser cut parts!

Have a great day and happy welding,

Mark Satka

Owner/President Scrape-N-Burr Tools, LLC